Facial Treatments

Janesce Facial

This complete facial treatment commences with a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage using aromatic oils. An intensive mask is applied followed by floral mist or concentrate under a moisturizer. Incl an eyebrow shape. 60 min $ 94

Janesce Rebalancing Facial

A facial treatement which includes a cleanse, exfoliation, mist, mask and day cream.  Includes eyebrow shape. 60 min $ 79

Revive Facial

Deep cleansing, restoring and relaxing mini facial. 30 min $ 47 

Lavender Antioxidant  or Rose Revitalizing Facial

Treat yourself to Ultra-hydrating facial treatment with the benefit of plant extracts, essences and oils.  An extra "pick-me-up" with ingredients such as hyaluronin.  Includes complimentary hand or foot massage and an eyebrow shape  $119


With over 60 years of experience and the continuous research and development of new high-tech active ingredients and methods, DR C. Schrammek facials always result in the highest treatment success.

Calm Down 

This Facial will soothe stressed and sensitive skin. Strengthen your skins resilience towards external stimuli and irritations. Leaves your skin balanced, soft and supple.$84

Mela White 

For aging skin and/or with pigmentation. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and prevents new pigmentation forming. Will hydrate and reform dull mature skin.$95

 Ultra sonic facial 

A firming, hydrating and anti-ageing facial Reduces fine lines from the inside. Increases your collagen production. The ultra sound waves will help infuse a serum chosen for your skin. A real Moisture booster!$84

Vitality Facial 

An anti-aging Facial for mature and or dull skin. Using powerful ingredients such as Peptides, Isoflavones and Anti-oxidants. This Facial will firm your skin, increase your moisture and elasticity. It will leave your skin feeling and looking younger, leaving you much more radiant.$95


Fresh up 

Your skin is stimulated and refreshed with natural herbs. The complexion appears brighter and fresher. This treatment is the ideal problem solver for tired skin, an effective prevention against premature aging and loss of elasticity.$120


This treatment with natural herbs noticeably provides energy. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism which leads to a natural improvement of the skin texture. It helps to reduce age-related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders.$180


Includes two facials and home care products.Renew your skin in one week!Fantastic for most skin problems, sun-damaged, aging, sagging, hyperpigmentation, sebum cysts, large pored and seborrheic skin.$490

AHA- glycolic facial

It contains antioxidant properties to help restore, fruit acids and glycolic acid to firmer and smoother your skin.Finished of with a natural hyaluronic acid cream for long lasting hydration. Helps reduce fine lines. Great for normal to dry and mature skin. 45 min.$79

Collagen and Elastine Facial 

Boosting collagen synthesis, moisturizing the epidermis, strengthening the cellular matrix. Improves skin elasticity and slow down the aging process. 60 min $99

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