breast screening

breast screening
Clinical Thermography is coming to Taupo!
Local women will be pleased to have convenient access to this safe and reliable breast screening

Breast thermography is a method of monitoring your breast health. It’s different to mammography, which is an x-ray that looks for the presence of tumours or calcifications. Thermography measures heat, showing blood vessel activity and inflammation. It can pick up the changes that happen before the tumour is big enough to be felt or seen by a mammogram.

A thermogram involves taking a series of images with an infra-red camera before and after a 10-minute cooling. There is no contact at all, no squeezing, no radiation. It takes about 30-45 minutes.

Dr. Mike Godfrey reports on the examination, the reports are posted out to you within 2 weeks. Mike has been providing thermal imaging in NZ since 2002, and uses a German medical approved system, Mammovision ™. (Please see the website for more information)

Thermograms cost $220, with your referral from Jenni you can receive a 10% discount, a special introductory price of $189. Just ask for the Breast Friend Discount
Regular clinics will be held at:
Serendipity Beauty Clinic - 105 Huka Falls Road.
To book, please call 0800-102888 or online

Kind Regards
Jenni Funnell
07 378 3946 or
0274 929 084

Posted: Fri 01 Mar 2019


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