Blemish Balm

Blemish Balm
Blemish Balm the multi- talent and problem solver
• Reduces pain with blisters on the lips and supports the healing process
• Reduces itching of insect bites
• Provides instant help for pimples and pustules
• Supports the regeneration process after laser treatments
• Helps to heal small wounds
• Takes care of small burns
• Conceals impurities, redness, large and hyperpigmentation long-lastingly
• Has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects

1. Help for different skin types
2. Covers blemishes
3. Reduces redness
4. Refines the skin type
5. For a radiant skin complexion
6. Has a calming and regenerating effect
7. Available in 4 different shades and also without tint
How does Blemish Balm work?
Blemish Balm was specially developed for the care of irritated, large-pored and impure skin. Zinc oxide and liquorice root have an anti-inflammatory effect, panthenol and bisabolol soothe the skin. Redness and impurities disappear more quickly and can be optimally covered by the coordinated colour nuances without leaving an oily skin feeling.

Blemish Balm 30ml...

Blemish Balm 40ml...

Available in Light, Classic, Honey, Brown and Snow

More than 50 years ago cosmetician Christine Schrammek developed colored cream against blemishes which has become a beauty trend worldwide.

Posted: Sun 01 Nov 2020


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