Hyaluron Performance Serum, 30ml $99

Hyaluron Performance Serum, 30ml $99
Hyaluronic acid in winter

Unfortunately, our skin generally tends to lose moisture. The weather is one of the most important external factors. The change of the seasons is a particular challenge.
In winter it is therefore particularly important to make your customers aware that they have to take good care of their entire body. From the outside and inside.
At high temperatures in summer, the skin loses moisture because we sweat.
Air conditioning and solar radiation additionally reinforce this effect.
In winter at a temperature of eight degrees Celsius or less, our organism completely stops sebum production. The change between the cold, humid air outside and the dry, heated air inside represents a great challenge for the skin.
Self-protection is reduced and it reacts with dryness.
A natural phenomenon
For the moisture content of the skin, hyaluronic acid is one of the most valuable and important substances in cosmetics. The human body itself produces hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for optimally maintaining the moisture content of the skin.
It is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and firm.
Unfortunately, with increasing age there is a significant decrease in the body's own hyaluronic acid content of the skin. The moisture content of the individual cells shrinks and this, together with the onset of collagen breakdown, leads to the loss of the filling substance lying between the skin cells. The skin is no longer so elastic and loses volume and moisture.
Wrinkles and dry skin develop. With the filling of hyaluronic acid in the cells, elastin fibers and collagens are supported.
The main thing is hyaluronic acid

Posted: Tue 03 Nov 2020


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