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The Graces Hydrating Serum at a Glance:
The Graces Hydrating Serum help to:

- Hydrate the upper layers of the skin.
- Stimulate enzyme action to revitalise lack-lustre skin.
- Seal moisture into the skin for lasting suppleness.
- Plump out fine lines and softens wrinkles, naturally.
- Promote a natural, luminous glow.
Topical hydration stimulates enzyme action in the upper layers of the skin. Once these enzymes are activated, they revitalise dull skin and promote a natural radiance. It is suitable for all ages and skin types. Most women have dehydrated skin without even realising it and have set their expectations for their skin too low. This serum will show you what your skin is capable of with hydration and optimal enzyme action. Soft, radiant skin will become your ‘new normal’.

Common signs of dehydrated skin:
Dull, lifeless looking skin.
Skin redness on cheeks, nose or forehead.
Tight, dry skin with a rough texture.
Pronounced fine lines and wrinkles.

Posted: Tue 22 Jun 2021


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