DrC Schremmek and Klapp products

The versatile product line from Dr Christine Schremmek offer a solution for your skin types and problems. Grant yourself the right to optimal care.
  • Caviar power
    The innovative anti-aging line with modern high-tech-ingredients provides moisture and supports the skin's own repair-system. An exclusive Caviar-Complex and natural Bio-Peptides are meant to stimulate the cell metabolism and give new regeneration impulses to the tired skin structure. CAVIAR POWER by KLAPP is the Beauty- and Wellness-Formula for the female and male skin that wants to indulge and relax on a high level.
    NZ$ 180.00
  • Herbal Care lotion
    Gentle face lotion with herbal extracts for a fresh and supple skin feeling
    NZ$ 64.50
  • Sti pexan eye cream
    The ingredients of Stri-PeXan are drastically effective against wrinkles and even crows feet. We offer you the groundbreaking advancement in the cosmetics world. You hardly believe it. Then watch your own face renew itself! Originally, the combination of active ingredients of Stri-PeXan was developed in the US for fighting stretch marks. During the World Congress of Dermatology in Paris 2002, independent studies were presented, confirming that exactly this combination of ingredients – a variety of peptides – has highly effective wrinkle reducing action. In the US this actives cream is the fastest seller in the cosmetics industry.

    Now GK Cosmetics presents Stri-PeXan – a perfected combination of active ingredients with REGESTRIL™ . Works faster and more effective than any other ingredient against lines, wrinkles and crows feet.
    NZ$ 84.30
  • Blemish balm
    A must have cream. covering special care for irritated, reddens and impure skin .Great for teenage spots, hormones spots, un-even textures. . Use as a Healing cream under your make up or just as a light cover on sunspots.
    light, classic or Honey colours
    NZ$ 71.00
  • Deep pore cleanser
    Cleansing milk for normal to oily skin. Removes make up , excess skin fat and dirt particles
    NZ$ 62.50
  • Hand some Care
    Hyaluronic hand care cream with refreshing fragrance for hands and nails
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Mela White Day cream
    Day cream for an even pigmentation. It prevents damage from environmental influence of UV tradition.Stops the maligning production. A cream that actually works , best and fastest results if used with the night cream and the active white Vitamin C serum. SPF 20
    NZ$ 133.00
  • Mela White active C serum
    Special care for even pigmentation with multiple use. For a radiant and even complexion
    NZ$ 123.00
  • Mela white night cream
    Nightmare for an even skin tone and flawless complexion. It calms the skin overnight and leaves a velvet skin feeling. Has high doses of Vitamin C ( oil soluble) whitening and anti-aging! Works best when used with the day cream and the active C serum
    NZ$ 141.00
  • Optimum Protection Cream
    The gentle, multi-functional cream combines comprehensive protection against harmful environmental influences and stress factors with diverse care properties
    NZ$ 71.00
  • Super Soft Cleanser
    A gentle, effective cleanser for dry or sensitive skin.
    NZ$ 62.50
  • Time control day cream
    For a firmer and refreshed appearing skin. The velvet cream helps to refine the complextion and makes face contours appear firmer
    NZ$ 198.00
  • Time control night Cream
    Regenerating, rich night cream for a radiant fresh, smooth appearing skin in the morning
    NZ$ 220.00
  • special regulating cream
    matting skincare for mixed and oily skin with a balancing plant mixture
    NZ$ 85.50
  • BB perfect beauty fluid spf 15
    Moisturizing, corrective skin care fluid with tint and soft focus effect for normal and dry skin
    NZ$ 106.00
  • Mela white spot Duo
    For an even looking skin tone or balancing pigmentation exactly where needed.
    NZ$ 94.00
  • Perfecting Skin Peeling
    Mild facial skin peeling. Refines the complexion and vitalizes the skin
    NZ$ 95.50
  • Skin Elixier
    Beauty fluid for very dry, demanding skin. Cares for and helps skin in need of moisture to look fresher and more radiant. Ideal as a 24 hour care
    NZ$ 128.50
  • Special care Cream
    Special cream with a light , silky texture for sensitive and dry skin
    NZ$ 87.00
  • Super Rich Tonic
    Rich, mild tonic to refresh and revitalise the skin. Use after you cleanser.
    NZ$ 62.50

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