These products provide your skin with an intensive boost.
  • Janesce Facial Aromatic Oils
    A range of aromatic herbal extracts in a fine oil base.
    lavender, rose, orange blossom or floral blend

    30 ml
    NZ$ 39.50
  • Janesce Gentle Clearing Wash
    An extremely gentle wash to deeply cleanse, soften and remove dead skin cells.
    50 ml
    NZ$ 66.00
  • Janesce Gentle Enzyme Peel
    A very gentle exfoliant which dissolves dead skin through the action of enzymes from pineapple and papaya.

    50 ml
    NZ$ 63.50
  • Janesce Perfecting Gel
    A light roes-fresh humidifying gel for dehydrated, sun damaged or mature skin. Also an excellent eye gel.

    30 ml
    NZ$ 105.00
  • Janesce Suncare Lotion
    A concentrated lotion of herbal extracts formulated to help protect your skin from the effects of sun exposure. The Suncare Lotion is formulated to be used constantly everyday for at least a week before exposure to the sun and then continually to maintain protection.

    40 ml
    NZ$ 63.00

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