Special Correctives

  • Janesce AV Cream (for fragile capillaries)
    A fine, soothing cream designed specifically for skin prone to fragile capillaries.

    15 ml
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Janesce Shades of Pale Perfecting Lotion
    A concentrated lotion of herbal extracts formulated to help protect your skin and gradually fade excessive pigmentation.

    40 ml
    NZ$ 79.00
  • Janesce Shades of Pale Serum
    For progressive skin lightening. A complex of alpine herbs designed to fade pigmentation and filter UV rays.

    30 ml
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Pyrifying Concentrate
    A balanced formulation of many herbs to encourage healing for a disrupted skin. Great for acne.
    Contains aloe vera, horstail, lavender, rosemary, sage, viola, witch hazel, peppermint and echinacea,
    100 ml
    NZ$ 59.50

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