Sun Care

  • Janesce Suncare Lotion
    A concentrated lotion of herbal extracts formulated to help protect your skin from the effects of sun exposure. The Suncare Lotion is formulated to be used constantly everyday for at least a week before exposure to the sun and then continually to maintain protection.

    40 ml
    NZ$ 63.00
  • Skinnies SPF 30 Sun Gel
    It’s quick-drying, water- resistant, long-lasting. And a little goes a long way. It’s not greasy or gloopy and doesn’t contain water and therefore does not freeze whilst you up the mountin skiing or enjoying a cold winter day. Water proof up to 60 min.It’s nice to the environment and it’s made in NZ for Kiwis.
    Why buy Skinnies:
    •Skinnies has funding for Research & Development from Callaghan Innovations
    •We have no water content
    •No parabins
    •No emulsifiers
    •No preservatives
    •No fragrance
    •No colour
    •Is clay based & is a special formulation
    •Once a day application and to be used thoroughly & sparingly
    •100% formulated & Kiwi made
    And it’s awesome. Did we mention its awesomeness?
    NZ$ 34.90
  • Tinted skiinies
    Skinnies LOOKS is a new kind of SPF30 Beauty Gel & sunscreen combined. The kind that provides instant long lasting UV protection, while lipid soluble vitamins & potent antioxidants moisturise & repair. And coz we know looks matter, the soft shimmer & tint evens up your skin so you're looking good as gold.
    choose between light, medium and dark colour.
    NZ$ 45.00

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